Howdy folks, Game of Thrones is back and we thought why not to explore the 7 Kingdoms in India and what all Experiences you can enjoy in these kingdoms. India is a land of diverse culture and topography and so there are countless Experiences all over the country. To whichever kingdom you belong, you can enjoy some incredible Experiences at various places across India.

We searched the Seven kingdoms

and put together the Best Game of Experiences for you !!!

2The northern part of India is blessed with wonderful Himalayan ranges that cover most states of the North India. Strikingly scenic, dissimilar and a land of diverse rich cultures, allows a person to enjoy varied Experiences in this fertile land. So, walk out and remember the North by enjoying camping activities like rock climbing, valley crossing, burma bridge, commando net, cat walk, spider net, target shooting & tarzan swing.

1Offering dazzling views of the Himalayas in the backdrop, wake up within the idyllic serenity of a tea farm estate of Darjeeling. Situated a little away from the town of Darjeeling, at Tathagata Farm House you can spend your days exploring the trails of nature leading to sparkling waterfalls or simply relax with a book on your cabin’s porch as you soak-up the fresh mountain air of rural India.

3It is aptly said that India is a land of hundred rivers. Wherever part of India you go, you will find one of the seven great rivers of India or their branches. There are many Experiences being offered for all who love to play with water. The various rafting site is unique, for there the rapids are controlled by water release from various dams.These include Kayaking in Mumbai, rafting, sailing in Goa, etc.

4The first rule of rock climbing is, you do not talk about rock climbing. You just indulge in the hilly splendour at various hills and mountains chain in India. India has various mountain ranges running across and there are various WOW Experiences that one can enjoy like trek, rappelling, bouldering, water walking, All terrain vehicle ride & Camping.

5‘You go with the wind wherever the wind takes you’. In the lands with great wind flow you enjoy various Experiences like horse riding, surfing with the wind, golf etc. With the Cool wind flow, comes the time to finally step on the lush green grass and take a swing. This experience is designed for anyone who loves Golf. The swanky golf course of Prestige Golfshire provides the best of facilities and excellent coaching. Practice as much as you want to improve your golfing skills for the next time you step on the course.

6India has beautiful beaches and where people from all over the world flock. If you take a trip to any of the lands reach in beaches and greenery in India, you will be impressed by the culture of the people there. There are various Experiences at these beaches you can walk through an amazing path with stone pillars catching the flickering flames of oil lamps. You will be greeted with offerings of traditional snacks at the entrance to the Raintree. The setting in an open area, under a canopy of magnificent rain trees, can let you break papadum to the beat of classical music. You can even enjoy authentic Chettinad food cooked in clay pots over a wood fire.

7India is home to three of the best and most beautiful type of deserts, one can fall in love with and should visit at least once – Desert Mountain Valley, White Salt Desert and Great Thar Desert. When used in the context of India, the word ‘desert’ often conjures up images of massive sand dunes made of golden sands, of camels bumpily walking towards the horizon, of colourfully clad men & women going about their chores, of bonfires at night, of starry skies. Enjoy the delicious food of the deserts with experiences of desert resorts.