A classic is a classic for a reason. Things that are classic have stood the tests of time, changing fashions and fluctuating moods. They are comfortable, convenient and worth it. Caught up in the frenzied search for the most “exclusive”, the most “different”, the most “exotic” gifts for Valentine’s Day, it is easy, but not wise, to neglect the most classic gifts of all time for the special occasion. If you have reached a point where you have given up the quest for exclusivity, try out one or more of these classic gift ideas coupled with true romantic gestures and have a great evening.

  • Flowers

You can never go wrong with a bunch of flowers, or even a single flower. Flowers say everything; love, passion, trust. Typically red roses are the pick for Valentine’s Day. A bunch of fresh red roses, either from a florist or your garden is sure to bring a smile on your partner’s face. But there is no rule that mandates giving only red roses on Valentine’s Day. You could also opt for your Valentine’s favorite flowers instead.


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  •  Candies and Chocolates

If someone said they don’t want chocolates on Valentine’s Day, they would be lying. Chocolates are great gifts for Valentine’s Day. You can choose from a range of awesome, melt in mouth chocolates. They could either be a long standing favorite of your partner or something they have always wanted to try. They could also be the ones you think they’d like. And the best part is that chocolates and candies are available in the markets all wrapped up and ready to be picked specially for Valentine’s Day.  Get creative with heart shaped candies too!


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  •  Jewelry and Trinkets

It is no surprise that a piece of jewellery is a classic Valentine’s Day gift. Gifting jewellery is a long standing tradition of very intimate gesture and say more than you can imagine. A little heart shaped pendant is the best choice in this regard. Engraved trinkets such as rings and brooches also rank high on the list. You can only imagine the intensity and love in the moments of getting down on a knee and clasping a dainty anklet on your partner.


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  •   Perfumes

Perfumes are very personal. The secent of a man or a woman is one of the most alluring things about him or her. It is titillating to identify the one you love with their smell, as is embracing it. Pick out a sensational perfume for your partner and gift them something that will do more for your senses than theirs. What can be a better win!


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  •  A Romantic Dinner

Did you not think a dinner is a gift? Well, it most certainly is the most romantic of all gifts. It combines everything a Valentine’s Day is about; sharing the love, spending time together, sitting by a candle light, and more. Never underestimate the power of delicious food in an intimate setting. The time spent together by couple’s in a dinner on Valentine’s Day is a stepping stone to their long lasting relationship.


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