Giftxoxo goes Mehmaan Nawazi this Diwali – Part One is happy to announce its collaboration with Rajshri Productions’ TellyMasala. Through the YouTube show Mehmaan Nawazi, Giftxoxo is gifting Experience Boxes to celebrities. With Diwali fast around the corner, this innovative tie-up with the upcoming production house helps our… Continue Reading →

Giftxoxo goes Mehmaan Nawazi this Diwali – Part Two

Following Rohan Mehra’s Mehmaan Nawazi stint, next up was Niti Taylor, the young and bubbly telly actor and host. This active social media savvy actor was all the more happy to recieve experiences from In its collaboration with Rajshri… Continue Reading →

Manoj Agarwal and How He and His Team Are Changing the Trend of Gifting

The journey started when Manoj Agarwal and Sumit Khandelwal discussed some ideas which were shaping well in early 2012. At that time, Manoj was handling the gifting category as part of his marketing role at Flipkart. He found some good… Continue Reading →

Giftxoxo & Frogo Moves into a New Workspace

The Experience & Gifting specialist, Giftxoxo & Frogo, has a new workspace. For the BD, Marketing, QC, and Content teams of Gitfxoxo, they now have a new functional and comfortable workspace to work from. Situated a floor above the existing office,… Continue Reading →

Here's how Corporate Gifting during Diwali has Changed in the Last 20 Years

Corporate Diwali Gifts – How to Surprise Your Employees?

This Diwali, stand out from the crowd with a unique corporate gift. A Giftxoxo Experience Box lets the happy recipient choose from several experiences. These experiences help them to treat themselves to little luxuries they might not otherwise consider, or… Continue Reading →

How the Indian Army Celebrates Diwali Festival

A normal civilian life is mainly working day after day, at the same place, doing the same things daily. While in the Army, you don’t know what you could be doing day to day.  Life there is hard, and you… Continue Reading →

The SHRM India 2016 Day One Takeaways

The much awaited SHRM 2016 is here and day one was a buzz of enthusiasm, energy and good spirit, there were notable spokespersons, HR managers, startups displaying their products and a whole lot of networking. With a star-studded speaker list,… Continue Reading →

Was it Recognition of Loyalty at Right Time that made Kattappa a Faithful Employee?

Since the release of the cult epic movie, Baahubali, to most Indian movie goers the name Kattappa means loyalty. In the movie, Kattappa was the loyal general of the great kingdom of Mahishmati and as his duty, he was determined… Continue Reading →

Make Diwali as a Great Beginning for Better Days!

Diwali is looming. With sparkling crackers and lamps, the country wears dazzling brightness and mesmerising hues. The relevance of gifts in the corporate industry lies in the fact that Diwali gifts show care, respect, thankfulness, and also appreciation. Thus, festival reinforces the… Continue Reading →

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