The SHRM India 2016 DAY ONE Takeaways

The much awaited SHRM 2016 is here and day one was a buzz of enthusiam, energy and good spirit, there were notable spokespersons, HR managers, startups dispalying their products and a whole lot of networking. With a star studded speaker… Continue Reading →

Was it recognition of loyalty at right time that made Kattappa a faithful employee?

For most Indian cinema goers now, the name Kattappa means loyalty. Kattappa is the loyal general of the kingdom of Mahishmati from the cult epic movie – Baahubali. The loyal army chief of Mahishmati Kingdom is determined to obey the rules… Continue Reading →

Light the inner spark in you – How Diwali can be a great beginning for better days ahead

Diwali is looming. With sparkling crackers and lamps the country wears dazzling brightness and mesmerizing hues. The relevance of gifts in the corporate industry lies in the fact that Diwali gifts show care, respect, thankfulness, and also appreciation. Thus, festival reinforces the… Continue Reading →

Yes, it is possible Team Building with GiftXOXO

Naresh heads a team in a multinational company working out of Mumbai.  He loves his job and is very happy with leading and guiding his team.  But he was a worried man of late, no, not with the revenue numbers… Continue Reading →

Looking for innovative gifting ideas this Diwali? You must read this

Diwali, is celebrated pan India with vigor, passion and joy. The festival of lights is an ancient Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of light over darkness and the renewal of life. Diwali gets its name from a combination of the Sanskrit… Continue Reading →

Once in a Lifetime Experience at Wedding Anniversary

  The wind beneath my wings!   Candice Bay quotes “Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know”. Sangeeta and Tarun were sipping wine and enjoying… Continue Reading →

Engaging the other end of the workforce spectrum – Blue Collar Employees

The business and HR leadership are still decoding the engagement mystery, as reported by multiple surveys. While a lot is being said and done about improving engagement levels of white collar employees, the other end of the spectrum, the blue… Continue Reading →

The 20 Fastest Growing Companies 2016

Giftxoxo: Pioneers in Gifting Unique Experiences Today, every fast-moving company’s biggest asset is its employees, for that the most important thing is appreciation for their grueling work. In most corporate cultures, they express employee appreciation through gifting. Basically, gifts are… Continue Reading →

Will Experiences be the New Buzzword for the Organizations?

Recently I was reading a consumer psychology research dialogue by Thomas Gilovich. While the research concludes that people derive more satisfaction and happiness from experiential purchases as opposed to material purchases, what really intrigued me was the underlying concept of… Continue Reading →

How Happy Are Your Employees?

How Happy Are Your Employees? We’ve touched on this before that a successful company is one with happy employees. I cannot stress the importance of this enough and therefore, the fuel for this blog. Conventional wisdom (Google) states the tried… Continue Reading →

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